MSc-II Biochemistry 5556061
MSc-II Biochemistry N-56093
MSc-II Biochemistry-V H-56079
MSc-II Biomedical Tech. Course-V H-56080
MSc-II Biomedical Technology 5556062
MSc-II Biomedical Technology N-56094
MSc-II Biotechnology 5556063
MSc-II Biotechnology-VI H-56081
MSc-II Biotechnology-VII N-56095
MSc-II Botany-IV 56053
MSc-II Botany-V (New) h-56067
MSc-II Botany-VI n56085ab
MSc-II Chemistry-I 5556052
MSc-II Environmental Science 5556057
MSc-II Environmental Science N-56092
MSc-II Environmental Science-VI KB-56098
MSc-II Environmental Science-VII H-56078
MSc-II Geology N-56087
MSc-II Industrial Analytical Chemistry-II h-58001
MSc-II Industrial Analytical Chemistry-III N-3000
MSc-II Inorganic Chemistry-II H-56066
MSc-II Inorganic Chemistry-III n-2000
MSc-II Life Science 5556060
MSc-II Life Science N-56091
MSc-II Life Science-V h-56077
MSc-II Microbiology 5556056
MSc-II Microbiology N-56088
MSc-II Microbiology-IV 5556056
MSc-II Microbiology-V h-56074
MSc-II Nuclear Physics 5556051
MSc-II Organic Chemistry N-56082
MSc-II Organic Chemistry-II h-5700
MSc-II Organic Chemistry-III N-56082
MSc-II Physical Chemistry-II H-6000
MSc-II Physical Chemistry-III N-4000
MSc-II Physics N-56080
MSc-II Physics-II H-56065
MSc-II S-SC-2497-Electronics-V 56055
MSc-II Statistics N-56090
MSc-II Statistics-V 56059
MSc-II Statistics-VI KB-56097
MSc-II Statistics-VII h-56076
MSc-II Zoology 5556054
MSc-II Zoology N-56086
MSc-II Zoology-IV 5556054
MSc-II Zoology-V (Sp.) H-56068ab

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