MPhil-(Edu.) Methods of Adv. Edu. Research & Statistics-I aa
MPhil-(Edu.) Technology of Teaching-A ac-3603a
MPhil-Accountancy-II AB3378AB
MPhil-Accountancy-III AC3379AB
MPhil-Adv. General Mgt. ab-3381
MPhil-Adv. Theories of Edu. AB-3602
Mphil-Botany AA-3351
MPhil-Botany-II ab-3360
MPhil-Botany-III AC-3368
MPhil-Eco-I AA-3305
MPhil-Economics-II AB-3316
MPhil-English-I aa-3301
MPhil-English-II ab-3312
MPhil-English-III AC3323ABC
MPhil-Gujarati-I AA-3303
MPhil-Gujarati-II ab-3314
MPhil-Gujarati-III AC-3325
MPhil-Hindi-I (New) aa-3304
MPhil-Hindi-II ab-3315
MPhil-Hindi-III ac-3326
MPhil-History-I AA-3309
MPhil-History-II AB-3320
MPhil-History-II AC-3330
MPhil-Marketing Mgt. ac-3382
MPhil-Philosophy-I AA-3308
MPhil-Philosophy-II AB-3319
MPhil-Philosophy-III AC-3329
MPhil-Physics-I aa-3358
MPhil-Physics-II AB-3363
MPhil-Physics-III AC-3374
MPhil-Political Science-I aa-3310
MPhil-Political Science-II ab-3321
MPhil-Political Science-III AC-3331
MPhil-Research Methodology AA-3377
MPhil-Research Methodology AA-3380
MPhil-Sanskrit-I AA-3302
MPhil-Sanskrit-II AB-3313
MPhil-Sanskrit-III ac-3324-ABC
MPhil-Sociology-I AA-3306
MPhil-Sociology-II AB-3317
MPhil-Sociology-III AC-3327
MPhil-Sociology-III AC-3327A
MPhil-Statistical-I AA-3354
MPhil-Statistics-II AB-3362
MPhil-Statistics-III AC-3370AB
MPhil-Zoology-I AA-3355
MPhil-Zoology-III AC-3371

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