FA-01 English Compulsory
FA-02 Sanskrit compulsory
FA-03 Persian compulsory
FA-04 _Prakrit_ compulsory
FA-05_FRENCH compulsory
FA-09 Sanskrit _Main__I
FA-104 Psychology _FS__II
FA-105 Indian Culture _FS__II
FA-106 History _FS__II
FA-107 Political Science _FS__II
FA-108 Economics _FS__II
FA-109 Sociology _FS__II
FA-110 Geography _FS__II
FA-111 Mathematics _FS__II
FA-112 Statistical Methods _FS__II
FA-114 Co-operation _FS__II
FA-115 Islamic Culture _FS__II
FA-116 Defence Studies _FS__II
FA-117 Home Science _FS__II
FA-118 Functional _Communicative_ English _FS__II
FA-119 Advertising and Sales Management _FS__II
FA-12 Persian _Main__I
FA-120 Office Management & Secretarial Practices _FS__II
FA-121 Functional Hindi _FS__II
FA-122 Computer Application _Vocational__II
FA-123 Sanskrit _SS__VII
FA-124 Prakrit_SS__VII
FA-125 Arabic_SS__VII
FA-126 Persian _SS__VII
FA-129 English _SS__VII
FA-130 Gujarati _SS__VII
FA-131 Hindi _SS__VII
FA-133 Urdu_SS__VII
FA-135 Philosophy_SS__VII
FA-137 Psychology_SS__VII
FA-138 Indian Culture_SS__VII
FA-139 History_SS__VII
FA-140 Political Science_SS__VII
FA-141 Economics_SS__VII
FA-15 English_Main__I
FA-150 Home Science_SS__VII
FA-16 Gujarati _Main__I
FA-17 Hindi _Main__I
FA-21 Philosophy _Main__I
FA-22 Psychology _Main__I
FA-23 Indian Culture _Main__I
FA-24 History _Main__I
FA-25 Political Science _Main__I
FA-26 Economics _Main__I
FA-27 Sociology _Main__I
FA-28 Geography _Main__I
FA-30 Home Science _Main__I
FA-32 Sanskrit _Main__II
FA-35 Persian _Main__II
FA-38 English _Main__II
FA-39 Gujarati _Main__II
FA-40 Hindi _Main__II
FA-44 Philosophy _Main__II
FA-45 Psychology _Main__II
FA-46 Indian Culture _Main__ II
FA-47 History _Main__II
FA-48 Political Science _Main__II
FA-49 Economics _Main__II
FA-50 Sociology _Main__II
FA-51 Geography _Main__II
FA-53 Home Science _Main__II
FA-56 Sanskrit_FS__I
FA-57 Prakrit_FS__I
FA-58 Arabic _F.S
FA-59 Persian _FS__I
FA-62 English _FS__I
FA-64 Hindi _FS__I
FA-68 Philosophy _FS__I
FA-69 Psychology _FS__I
FA-70 Indian Culture _FS__I
FA-71 History _FS__I
FA-72 Political Science _FS__I
FA-73 Economics _FS__I
FA-74 Sociology _FS__I
FA-75 Geography _FS__I
FA-76 Mathematics _FS__I
FA-78 Co-Operation_FS__I
FA-79 Islamic Culture _FS__I
FA-80 Statistical Methods _FS__I
FA-81 Defence Studies _FS__I
FA-82 Home Science _FS__I
FA-83 Functional _Communicative_ English _FS__I
FA-84 Advertising & Sales Management _FS__I
FA-86 Office Management & Secretarial Practice _FS__I
FA-88 Functional Hindi _FS__I
FA-89 Computer Application _Vocational_ _I
FA-91 Sanskrit _FS__II
FA-92 Prakrit _FS__II
FA-93 Arabic _F.S
FA-94 Persian _F.S
FA-97 English _FS__II
FA-98 Gujarati _FS__II
FA-99 Hindi_FS__II
FYBA Economics-I Main New
FYBA Economics-II Main
FYBA Economics-VII SS
FYBA English Comp A Stream
FYBA English-I Main
FYBA English-II Special
FYBA Gujarat-II Main
FYBA Gujarati-I FS
FYBA Gujarati-I Main
FYBA Gujarati-II FS
FYBA Gujarati-VII SS
FYBA Hindi-I Main
FYBA Hindi-II Main
FYBA Psychology-I FS
FYBA Psychology-I Main
FYBA Psychology-II FS
FYBA Psychology-VII SS
FYBA Sanskrit Comp
FYBA Sanskrit-I FS
FYBA Sanskrit-I Special
FYBA Sanskrit-II FS
FYBA Sanskrit-VII SS
FYBA Sociology-I FS
FYBA Sociology-I Main
FYBA Sociology-II FS
FYBA Sociology-VII SS

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